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You are Resilient

“Every time you were convinced you couldn’t go on, you did.” – Unknown

Resiliency; it’s one of those qualities we have but wish we didn’t have to have, am I right? To be resilient means that you have had to overcome something, fight through something, and feel the lowest you possibly could in order to look back and see that you could do it. But girl you did! And because you did, you are resilient.

“Tell the story of the mountain you climbed. Your words could be a page in someone else’s survival guide” – Morgan Harper Nichols

We like to think of resilience as a mountain that we must climb. There is no map or trail, just our strength, time, and sometimes, others' support. We have all climbed many mountains in our life and struggled in doing so, and that is where we want to remind you of your resilience. Every peak you have reached, every obstacle you face, and every hard time you go through reminds you that you are resilient. Sharing these stories of resiliency with our community may help another woman struggling in a similar situation and give them the strength to continue to climb their mountains.

“You’re going to be happy,” said life, “but first I’ll make you strong.” – Unknown

When you are resilient, you can harness inner strength and use your previous knowledge of similar situations to help you rebound from challenges and see setbacks in different ways. Resilience won’t make your problems go away, but it will help you to see past them and work through them in a way that gives you more enjoyment and less stress in those tough times. Being able to look at the silver lining is being resilient. Knowing not all days will be bad days is being resilient.

“It’s okay to brave and afraid at the same time.” – Brené Brown

We hope that by using the positive affirmation of you are resilient, you allow yourself to look back at difficult times in your life and see how hard you worked and how you have believed in yourself to overcome it. We hope you continue to believe in your resiliency and that when tough situations come up you can use your resiliency to work through them.

As always, we thank you for your continued support and we hope you all know that we are here for you no matter what. We are here to chat, encourage, and help if needed.


The Onyx+Ivy Team

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