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A Size for All

Ultra: Known as the luxe addition to our scrunchie line as it has been specially designed for people with long + thick hair. However, it works to fake a big bun for people with thin hair too! Our ultra scrunchie has a longer elastic and more fabric than our other styles.  

Classic: Our standard size scrunchie designed for most hair types.

Petite: Our subtle twist on the classic scrunchie. Designed for fine-medium hair or people wanting a more subtle look. Petite scrunchies have the same size elastic with less fabric than the classic.

Little: Our smallest scrunchie specially designed for thin + fine hair. The little has a smaller elastic as well as less fabric than our other styles.

Removable Bow

When in doubt, put a bow on it! All our scrunchies have the option of a REMOVABLE bow add-on. Tie the bow on or off depending on your style. 

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