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Before any product begins the creation process, we always sit down as a team to hear everyone’s ideas and have a brainstorming session. We try to focus on how to make our products different from anything else on the market, and come up with ideas on how to ensure there is a variation on the product to fit as many people’s needs as we can! Every product Onyx+Ivy launches has been carefully thought out from start to finish and we are constantly expanding our collections to ensure there is something for everyone. We pride ourselves in designing accessories with inclusivity in mind.

Hand drawing a product concept image on an ipad
Hands running fabric through a sewing machine.

Here at Onyx+Ivy, we hand make every product we can, and curate the remaining items in our collection from other reputable manufacturers. All of our handmade items are sewn in Calgary, Alberta by home-based women seamstresses. Our team of seamstresses varies from 1-10 depending on our production volume. The materials for all of our products, both created and curated, are chosen and tested for their quality and durability to ensure our products can be enjoyed by people with any hair type. For example, we always use high quality, multi strand elastic in our scrunchies which we never sew over to protect its integrity and ensure our customers have the strongest scrunchies that will never break!


Once we create a new product, our team puts it through an initial testing process to make sure anything we put out will stand the test of time and stay beautiful through whatever life throws at it! After this initial testing, we have a trusted group of people with various hair lengths, textures, and styles that try the product out and give us their honest opinions. We then make any necessary tweaks and get it into production. The final step in our process is launching the new product for you all to enjoy!

Showing a variety of finished handmade and female designed accessories
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