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Designed with Inclusivity in Mind

Our entire brand has been created with inclusivity at the forefront. Onyx+Ivy strives to design a space where there is an accessory for every person. We make a point to test all of our products on a variety of people and are constantly evolving with our customers feedback. Since our launch, we’ve expanded our scrunchie collection to 4 sizes, introduced 4 different styles of headbands, and added 3 different sizes of claw clips to our shop. No matter the product, we want our community to find something they love! 


Design Details

We have 4 scrunchie sizes with various hair types in mind. All scrunchies are handmade by our team in Calgary, Alberta.

Removable bows: When in doubt, put a bow on it! All our scrunchies have the option of a REMOVABLE bow add-on. Tie the bow on or off depending on your style. 

Ultra Scrunchie

Known as the luxe addition to our scrunchie line as it has been specially designed for people with long + thick hair. However, it works to fake a big bun for people with thin hair too! Our ultra scrunchie has a longer elastic and more fabric than our other styles.  

Classic Scrunchie

Our standard size scrunchie designed for most hair types.

Petite Scrunchie

Our subtle twist on the classic scrunchie. Designed for fine-medium hair or people wanting a more subtle look. Petite scrunchies have the same size elastic with less fabric than the classic.

Little Scrunchie

Our smallest scrunchie specially designed for thin + fine hair. The little has a smaller elastic as well as less fabric than our other styles.



Design Details

All 4 headband styles are handmade by our team in Calgary, Alberta.

Our headbands are flexible and durable, so they can be stretched and reshaped over and over again.

Structured Knot

Made with a soft yet sturdy satin and faux suede base and topped with your favourite O+I fabrics. One size fits most.

20230508_230015209_iOS 1.jpg
Twist Headband

A trendy twist on a classic headband. One size fits most youth/adults.
Size: Approx 21” in length and 4” wide.

Tie Headband

Fully adjustable for the perfect fit. One size fits most.
Size: Approx 28” in length and 3” wide.

Little Hairbow

Our hairbows come complete on your choice of 3 different backings for any hair type. 
Satin Headband - Hairbow comes on a structured satin headband in a coordinating colour. 
Alligator Clip - Hairbow comes assembled on a removable alligator clip.
Nylon Headband - Hairbow comes assembled on a nylon headband in 4 different colour options.



Design Details

We have 3 sizes of claw clips with an anti-slip matte finish and extra row of teeth for additional grip.

Your claw clip is staying put! All of our claw clips have extra teeth on the interior for maximum hold.

Mini Claw Clip

Our smallest claw clip made for thin hair or the perfect half-up style. Onyx+Ivy claw clips are finished with a smooth matte coating.
Size: 2” long 

Large Claw Clip

Our classic size claw clip made for medium-thick hair. Onyx+Ivy claw clips are finished with a smooth matte coating.
Size: 4” long

XL Claw Clip

Our largest claw clip made for long + thick hair. Onyx+Ivy claw clips are finished with a smooth matte coating.
Size: 5” long

Claw Clips
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