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You are Loved

“I love my eyes”

“I love my sensitivity”

“I love my butt”

“I love my passion”

February is seen as the month of love; Where we find ourselves buying gifts to show each other how much they mean to us. Where we constantly talk about what we love about each other and tell the people in our lives how much we love them, but when it’s time to turn the light on what we love about ourselves it’s incredibly hard. But why? Why are we so afraid to say what we love about ourselves? You love your butt? Awesome, you do have a great butt! You love how honest you are? Amazing! That is a quality many wish they had! We need to stop thinking that what we love about ourselves is selfish and conceited and rather take pride in what makes us feel good about who we are.

So how do you get started? Do you build a list? Do you say it out loud? Write it on a post-it-note? What if you don’t have anything or know what to put on the list? We get that this can be a daunting task for some, how does one just compile a list of things they love about themselves? A place to start can be as simple as taking note (written or mental) of times that you feel most confident. What made you feel confident in that situation? Was it your knowledge of the topic? Maybe you love how your brain works when proving a point? Maybe you love how passionate you are about a subject? Was it the way you were dressed when you felt confident? Maybe you love your style. I mean they don’t call it a power suit for nothing!! Maybe someone made you smile or laugh, or maybe you made someone smile or laugh? Maybe you love a friendship you have because you love the friend you are? Or maybe you love your sense of humour? Maybe it was a moment that was incredibly challenging for you but one you are thankful for, so you love your strength or resilience. Or maybe you love your personal growth?

We want “You are loved” to be so much more than just the knowledge that others love you. Don’t get us wrong, it is nice to know you are loved by others, but self-love gives you power through belief, power through knowledge of who you are, and power to stand up for yourself.

We believe that learning to love yourself in all your crazy, messy, imperfect moments makes tough moments a little easier because you are able to use what you love about yourself as your strength during these times.

So love your butt, love your intelligence, love your emotions, love every little bit!

Help us share the love and tell us what you love about yourself!


The Onyx+Ivy Team

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