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Morgan Wilson: Letter to My Anxiety

Dear Anxiety,

Why do you make me so sad? Why must you crumble me up inside but show others that I’m fine?

When you come around my palms sweat, my heart races and my mind looks like a toddler scribbling on paper. My insides are going 100 miles a minute... but on the outside I’m fine to the passer by.

You tell me I make mistakes, that it’s my fault, that people dislike me. You make me think I'm a bad mom. You truly are an ugly soul, you know that? You make what others would assume a strong women into a puddle mess of emotions.

Well guess what.... I am good enough, I do have a big heart, and I might care too much, but that’s because I am passionate and strong about my feelings and desires.

I will continue to fight you daily if I must, one because I’m stubborn and hate to lose, another because I know who I can become. If I have to use music to drown you out, so be it.

When I look at my son, I know I can get through this. You might win a round or two here and there, but I will come out on top, because some how, some way, with everything life throws at me I manage to get myself back up.

Morgan Wilson

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