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Being able to spread awareness and support all aspects of our community is an essential part of why we started Onyx+Ivy. We value having a platform to be able to contribute and invest back into our community. We work towards achieving this through donations, product promotions, and sharing the knowledge we have gained through continuous education.


Help us to spread some love by being active in our campaigns or donating to the amazing organizations below. If there is a cause close to your heart that you think deserves more attention, we would love to hear from you! Share a cause you would like to see on our platform by emailing us at

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Women's Mental Health Awareness

  • 2019 to present: participating in and raising money for The Shoppers Drug Mart® Run for Women.

  • 2019 to present: raising money and awareness of Women’s Mental Health Clinic through Calgary Health Foundation.

  • 2019 to present: sharing women's mental health stories and recourses on our social media platforms and blog.

  • 2019 to present: once a year a portion of all products is donated to a women's mental health charity of our choosing.

Diabetes Awareness

  • 2023: raising awareness of Type 1 Diabetes through a month long campaign of sharing stories on our social media platform, blog posts, and donating a portion of sales to JDRF Canada and Charles H. Best Centre. 

  • 2023: promoting and sharing Christina Marie Mulchandani's journey to help her achieve her $20,000 goal for the Sun Life Walk to Cure Diabetes for JDRF through our social media platforms and blog.

Breast Cancer Awareness

  • 2020 to present: spreading awareness, sharing stories and resources of women under 35 diagnosed with breast cancer.

  • 2020 to present: supporting Rethink Breast Cancer, a charity focusing on historically underserved groups, through campaigns and donations.

  • 2022: raised money and participated in the CIBC Run for the Cure dedicated to changing the future of breast cancer through the Canadian Cancer Society.

  • 2020 to present: once a year a portion of all pink products is donated to a breast cancer charity of our choosing.

Alberta Children's Hospital

  • 2019 to present: sharing awareness of various ways that Alberta Children's Hospital supports our province. 

  • 2020 to present: donating to the Alberta Children's Hospital radiothon. 

  • 2022 to present: supporting the Alberta Children's Hospital radiothon through Gemma sharing her children's stories on the radiothon.

  • 2020: raised awareness of childhood cancer and donated a portion of sales over a week long campaign to Team Evelyn and Alberta Children's Hospital.  

LGBTQ+ Awareness

  • 2022 to present: bronze member of the Alberta LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce

  • 2022 to present: participating in the Calgary Pride Flea Market and donating a portion of sales to Calgary Outlink, a community-based, not-for-profit charity dedicated to providing support, education, outreach, and referrals for the 2SLGBTQIA+ and allied communities in Calgary, Alberta.

  • 2023: raising awareness of Stonewall Recovery Centre, Canada's First 2SLGBTQ+ Addiction Recovery Centre, and participating in their first Stonewall Recovery Community Market. A portion of sales at the market will be donated to Stonewall.

Continuous Learning + Awareness

We pride ourselves at Onyx+Ivy as always growing, learning, and doing better. Help me write something here about the regular awareness stuff we do listed below. 

Black History Month

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness

World Sight Day Awareness

Child Safety Awareness

Inclusivity Awareness

Indigenous Continuous Education

Feeding Tube Awareness

MS Awareness

Women Empowerment Awareness

Neurodiversity Awareness

Epilepsy Awareness

 BIPOC Continuous Education

Inclusivity Awareness

Disability Awareness

Domestic Abuse Awareness

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