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About Us

A Community Of Women Wearing Our Crowns

Our vision is to foster a place that connects women and allows them to find products that express their journeys. These stylish accessories are more than just scrunchies, clips + headbands! We believe that they accompany women through some of their biggest memories and want our network of women to be able to capture those moments and feel connected to each other as a community. Since starting out just the two of us, we have added Carly, our operations manager who keeps us in line, and Steph, the brand manager for our new Little Ivy children's brand, as well as a few awesome local seamstresses. Having a group of close-knit women surrounding us is truly the best part about this business.


Our Story

We are lucky enough to be neighbours and our friendship blossomed from there. The foundation of our friendship truly stems from the fact that we pride ourselves on not having it all together. Our bond grew deeper through the struggles of motherhood and the love for all things creative. We both desperately needed a creative outlet in our lives...and voila came the idea for Onyx+Ivy! We feel comfortable fumbling through life together with wine in our hands, a shoulder to lean on, and wearing our mom crowns (aka dry shampoo filled top knots) with pride. 

Meet The Team



Co-Founder + Creative Director

Hey there, I’m Jess! I’m an Ontario girl but moved to Calgary in 2015 after falling in love with the mountains and my hubby Kelly. We have 2 wild boys, Sawyer and Sebastian (Bashy), that are 17 and a half months apart. I am a people person; you will always find me surrounded by family or friends who I have made family. Even though my family is still in Ontario, we have remained as close as ever. Between trips back to Ontario and visits from them out here, Kelly and I have been able to raise our boys with the best of both worlds; the mountains and the lakes.


I am an Interior Architect by trade and am drawn to anything that requires attention to detail, design, and planning. Our website is my personal work of art and I’ve taught myself everything to do with website building and graphic design. Creating and designing new products with the Onyx+Ivy team is one of my favourite part of our business. 



Co-Founder + Creative Director

I'm Gem but my full name is Gemma. I have three kiddos Isabel, Aubrey, and Lochlan. I am a medical mom as our son Lochlan is quite the complex little man.  My hubby Clint and I have been together for over a decade and as cliche as it sounds, he's my best friend. I’m originally from England but have called Calgary home since I was 5. We are so lucky to have such a big close family here in Calgary, between our two families we have 11 nieces and nephews. We love to hike as a family and absolutely cherish our family time. We long for the mountains in this household!


My biggest passions in our company is social media, customer relations, and being able to create and design new products with the team to share with our community. I love to connect with other women and small businesses through our social media accounts, as well as see all the amazing photos our customers share.



Business + Operations Manager

Carly here! I run the behind-the-scenes show of Onyx+Ivy. I’ve worn many hats when it comes to supporting Jess and Gem in whatever they need. I’m the order packing, spell checking, errand running, spreadsheet making, fabric cutting, bookkeeping maniac behind it all! I grew up in Ontario and have moved to and from Calgary twice in the past 4 years. I have diplomas in both Baking & Pastry Arts and Interior Decorating and have always been uber creative. I’m the baby of the group, but on the inside I’m a 98-year-old woman. My 2 favourite things are a cup of tea and a good book!



Little Ivy Business Manager

Hi everyone, I’m Steph! I’m a mom of 2 beautiful, smart, and fierce little girls. We all LOVE fashion and are 3 of the girliest girls you’ll ever meet! They think I have just about the best job in the world. I have informally been with Onyx+Ivy since the beginning, first as a model, then as a seamstress, and in March 2021 I formally joined the team as the Little Ivy brand manager. My love for kids and crafting (I’m a former teacher) as well as my cheerleader attitude were the ultimate reasons I was asked to take on this role. If I’m not sewing or hanging out with my family, you’ll find me camping with friends or hanging out with my Onyx+Ivy besties.

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